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FREE Plugins: Melda Production MFreeFXBundle

In today's digital music and audio production, having a solid set of mixing plugins is crucial for achieving pro-level results. While premium plugins often come with a hefty price tag, there are also fantastic free options available.

Melda Production MFreeFX Bundle provides one of the most complete set of free audio plugins. This bundle offers a vast array of EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, and modulation effects. These plugins comes with extensive parameter control and provides professional-grade sonic quality any mixing task. Do check it out.

Here is the list of the plugins in the bundle:

MAGC Adjust the loudness to match the side-chain.

MAnalyzer An advanced normalizing spectral analyzer and sonogram MAutopan An automatic panner with adjustable shape oscillator technology

MAutoPitch Automatic vocal tuning for free MBandPass A powerful filter with slopes up to 120dB/oct

MBitFun A serious tool for extreme distortion lovers MCCGenerator Produce up to 8 MIDI CC values from its own parameters. MChannelMatrix Mix and reroute the channels from both inputs. MCharmVerb A Lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine MComb An extremely powerful multi-comb filter plugin MCompressor A powerful compressor with custom processing shape MConvolutionEZ An easy-to-use highly optimized convolution reverb MEqualizer 6-band equalizer with analyzer MFlanger A top-notch flanger with variable oscillator

MFreeformPhase Adjust the phase of individual frequencies any way you want

MFreqShifter From mild stereo expansion to complete destruction MLoudnessAnalyzer A loudness meter featuring everything you could ever need MMetronome Guard your rhythm and tempo for free MNoiseGenerator Make any noise! MNotepad Store comments

MOscillator Aliasing free generator with adjustable oscillator shape MOscilloscope Powerful oscilloscope with a pitch detector MPhaser A phaser effect with adjustable oscillator shape

MRatio Crossfade between the main input and sidechain

MRatioMB Crossfade between the main input and sidechain in multiband

MRecorder Record the plugin input into a WAV file

MRingModulator Classic two oscillators ring-modulation effect MSaturator A smooth tube-like saturation MSpectralPan Apply a panorama individually to each frequency MStereoExpander A basic M/S stereo field correction MStereoScope An advanced stereo field analyzer MTremolo A definitive adjustable shape tremolo

MTuner Tune your instrument for free MUtility Volume MVibrato Customizable shape vibrato

MWaveFolder From mild harmonic enhancement to a complete sound destruction MWaveShaper Construct your own shape


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