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September 12, 2017

September 10, 2017

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History of Olympic Studios

September 10, 2017

Before Olympic Studios


20th December 1906 - The building was opened as an entertainment center called Byfeld Hall.


1910 - The building became Barnes Cinema.


Mid 1920's - The building became Barnes Theater


January 1930 - The building became a cinema called 'The Ranelagh'


November 15th 1943 - After world war 2, the building reopen as 'The Plaza'


Olympic Studios


1966 - The building is converted into a recording studio. The studio could fit a 70piece orchestra. 


October 1968 - Led Zeppelin recorded their debut album. Glyn Johns engineered this album


1987 - The studio was acquired by Virgin Company


1992 - Became part of EMI's portfolio as Virgin was bought over by EMI


2009 - U2's album titled 'No Line On The Horizon' was the last production at Olypmic Studio

Bands Recorded at Olympic Studios


1. The Traffic

2. The Beatles

3. Rolling Stones (recorded six consecutive album between 1966 to 1972)

4. Jimi Hendrix

5. Led Zeppelin

6. B.B. King

7. David Bowie

8. The Jam

9. Pink Floyd

10. Duran Duran

11. Oasis

12. Barbra Streisand

13. Nick Cave

14. Madonna

15. Prince

16. Spice Girls

17. U2 - No Line On The Horizon

18. The Yardbirds


Engineers at Olympic Studio


1. Keith Grant (1961-1987)

2. Eddie Kramer

3. Phil Brown

4. Glyn John

5. Roger Quested

6. Frank Owensboro


Consoles in Olympic Studios

1. Olympic One - Contains germanium transistors which were Mark 1 and 2 versions of the electronic. Later Helios console uses the same circuitry but with Silicon Transistors (Sound on Sound)

2. Helios Console


Studio Monitors

1. Tannoy Red Monitors (Studio One)

2. Tannoy/Lockwood Monitors


Outboard Equipment

1. Pultec EQ

2. EMT Plate Reverb x 4pcs

3. UREI Compressor/Limiter

4. ADT



1. AKG C12A

2. AKG D12

3. AKG D224

4. Neumann U67

5. Neumann U87


Music Instruments

1. VOX AC30



The Rolling Stones Mixing Little Queenie ~ Olympic Sound Studios, 1970(viewed on 12th Sept 2017)


U2 - Making of "No Line on the Horizon" (II) (1min 45secs onwards)



Sources (viewed on 11th Sept 2017) (viewed on 11th Sept 2017)


Brown,P.(2010). Are We Still Rolling?. Tape Ops Book.





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