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Audio Engineer, Guitarist



LYNX 林延芯 - 女王驾到 - SingVoice 2021 Compilation Album
Mastered by Eugene Ng
Original Music & Lyrcis by Jazz Chong - 现在以后
Mixed & Mastered by Eugene Ng
Soph T. 霏霏 - 路過你的古怪
Mastered by Eugene Ng
Justin Vasquez - No Rush
Mastered by Eugene Ng
Guitars by Eugene Ng
Imp Act - Another Life (Live)
Produced, Mixed & Guitars played by Eugene Ng
Mark Francisco - Fool in a Man's Shoes
Mastered by Eugene Ng
Aya Sekine - Life, Everyday
Recorded by Eugene Ng
Yokez 葉玉欞 - 分手意義
Mastered by Eugene Ng
There Be Wolves
Record, Mix & Mastered by Eugene Ng


Ng Kang Sen, Eugene

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eugene has honed his craft in music production over years of experience, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is sonically achievable. He has collaborated with many artists and bands, lending his expertise to breathe life into their musical visions. His ability to understand the needs and desires of artists, combined with his technical abilites, creates an environment where creativity flourishes and dreams are transformed into reality. So, whether you're an artist in search of the perfect sonic landscape or crafting a sonic masterpiece that is uniquely yours. He is the audio engineer and guitarist you've been searching for.

In 2006, he started his journey in the music industry as an audio engineer. He attain the Diploma in Audio Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production(Hons) from Middlesex University(UK) through SAE Singapore. In 2016, he attain Masters in Arts Pedagogy and Practice from Goldsmith University(UK) specializing in audio production education through LASALLE College of the Arts. As an engineer in recent years, he have recorded, mixed and mastered numerous singles and albums from major international record labels and independent artistes. As a musician, he have performed guitars for a few albums that were up for World Music Grammy Award consideration.

He presently serves as the Director of Audiotonic, a comprehensive audio solutions company with an online store. Additionally, he teaches and mentors students in music production at LASALLE College of the Arts and Temasek Polytechnic Music Vox Group. 


- Music Production (Recording, Mixing & Mastering)

- Teaching / Mentoring in Music Production (Recording, Mixing & Mastering)

- Studio Guitar Session Work

**Please feel free to contact me via my email

Company Link: Audiotonic

Recording Studio Link: LASALLE College of the Arts Recording Website

Recording Studio Link: Greenroom Suite

Social Media Link: eugene.nks

During my study in LASALLE College of The Arts, Eugene was one of my mentors. I have learn from him to always step out of my comfort zone, always try something new and experiment. I worked as his assistant engineer for a couple studio sessions and that brought new light to my career, exposes me to the industry. Currently, I am working with some of the biggest labels and brands out there, and I couldn’t have done it without him.
- Nikhil Amarnani (Owner of Line-In Records, Producer & Engineer)
"The wealth of sonic resources Eugene brings to the table is astounding. Combined with his audio expertise, you will get the perfect parts for the song in no time, no matter how complex the production is."
- Roger Montejano (Composer, Producer & Engineer)
"He's one of the most musical recording engineer I've worked with. He understands his role of capturing the sound and soul of a performer, and he has the humility to not impose himself in any way in that process. Whatever decisions he makes, he always serves the song and the performances. I look forward to work with him again." - Jason Cruz (Session Drummer)

"Thank you for creating an extremely comfortable environment for me to concentrate on my performance for the recording session." - Aya Sekine (Founding Director of We Love Jazz SG & Jazz Pianist)

"Eugene recently helped us with mastering the SingVoice programme’s compilation album. The album had a good mix of genres such as pop ballads, rock, electronic and hip hop. Eugene was very prompt, professional and did an excellent job in preparing the masters for digital release." - George Leong (Co-Founder - SingPop Music Limited)

"Eugene is efficient in handling studio sessions, knowledgeable regarding the processes needed to ensure a great recording. With good technological and communication skills, sessions that I have executed with Eugene was always enjoyable and of great experience." - Dr. Lynette Quek (Audio & Visual Artist)

"Eugene's technical knowledge in sound recording is unfathomable. He is also a critical thinker, his perceptive adds value to any audio production. He is the best friend of every recording artist." - Shawn Kok (Percussionist, Sound Designer & Artist Educator)

"Working with Eugene was an rewarding experience. His keen ear for details and dedication to draw out artistic vision is extraordinary." - Gavin Cheong (Focal Pro Audio Solutions, Senior Recording/Mixing Engineer)


"Eugene has done an amazing job with the "Savage Tune @ SOFT TV" mixing. The band was tracked live in my small bedroom and he managed to make them sound much bigger. - James Woo (Owner of SOFT Music Forum & SOFT TV)


"Eugene was one of my mentor during my time as a student at LASALLE College of The Arts. He showed me the intricacies of studio work by enlightening me on the technical and musical complexities. Fuelled by this newfound passion, I unexpectedly found myself immersed in the realm of post-production at The Straits Times. Even after graduating, he continues to play a mentorship role to me. He generously provides me guidance on industry standards and sharing with me his network connections which have been indispensable for my career." - Hadyu Rahim (Podcast Producer for The Straits Times)

Interview by Eric Chua, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth on 'Parliament Recap - Every Youth Has Potential 2021'

3 Dash 1 - Presskit (2007): Video & Audio Editor

Aaron 向华 - Crazy For You (2022): Mastering Engineer

Air China Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012):
Mix & Mastering Engineer

Atan (The Flybaits): Recording & Mix Engineer

Air Niugini Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012):

Mix & Mastering Engineer

Andy Steward: Assistant Recording Engineer

Asiana Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Aya Sekine (2018) - Jazz Piano Solo (Live): Recording & Mix Engineer

Azerath: Recording & Mix Engineer

Azizam - Don't Let Me Go (Single): Record, Mix, Master

Azizam - Dance of the Phantom (2022): Mastering Engineer

Bangkok Airways Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

BBC World Climate Change Talkshow (2008):

Broadcast Recording & Mix Engineer

Belinda Foo - Intermezzo: Recording & Mix Engineer

Belinda Foo - Pantun: Recording & Mix Engineer

Belinda Foo - Strings in D: Recording & Mix Engineer

Benny Lim (SDS) - Drums Samples: Recording Engineer

Black Bear Co. - Fine City: Record,Mix & Master

Brian Ong: Recording Engineer

Brian O'Reilly: Recording Engineer

Cathay Pacific Airways Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Charlene Kaye: Recording & Mix Engineer

China Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Cityspa Miss Universe Pagent 2007: FOH Mix Engineer

Dan Conway: Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Da:ns Festival 2018 (Cipher/Decipher): Sound Designer

Daniel Sid (2020): Recording Engineer 

Delta Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012):

Mix & Mastering Engineer

Derrick Tham - 100 分钟 (2022): Mastering Engineer

Erik Hargrove Drum Recording: Assistant Engineer

ESPN/Starsports Black Tie Fight Night (2007):

Assistant Audio Engineer

ESPN/Starsports Asian Basketball League (2007):

Assistant Cameraman & Audio Engineer

FFF!!! (Darren Moore & Suga Dairo): Recording Engineer

Gavin Cheong: Assistant Engineer

Glitched: Recording & Mix Engineer

Gulf Air Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012):

Mix & Mastering Engineer

Hainan Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Hong Kong Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Ian Wan - 如果说 (2019): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Imp Act - Another LIfe (2020): Produce, Mix & Mastering Engineer

Imp Act - The Island of Alsocanla (2020): Produce & Mix

Imp Act - Back In Time EP (2021): Produce & Mix

Kailin Yong: Recording Engineer

Korean Air Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012):

Mix & Mastering Engineer

Ivy's Vendetta - Fallen Star (Singles): Recording & Mix Engineer

James Wilkinson: Assistant Engineer

Jason Cruz: Recording Engineer

Japan Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jazz Chong - 现在以后 (2020): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jazz Chong - 疯了 (2021): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jiu Chia Ba Sheng Hong Temple Chinese Orchestra - 100th Anniversary (Album): Recording & Mix Engineer

Jonathan Leong - Colors Needles & Stories (Singles): Mix Engineer

Joshua Agilan Band (2012): Recording Engineer

Justin Hegburg: Assistant Engineer

Justin Vasquez - No Rush: Mastering Engineer

JVC HD Everio TVC (2008): Recording & Mix Engineer

Leo Zhou - Jue (Album): Recording Engineer

Newcastle University Graduation Ceremony (2009):

Assistant Mix Engineer

NUS Commencement 2012: Broadcast Recording & Mix Engineer

NUS Commencement 2014: Broadcast Recording & Mix Engineer

Malaysian Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Mark Francisco EP (2020): Mastering Engineer

Mark Lian: Recording Engineer

Miqael Das: Assistant Recording Engineer

Mongolian Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Oddshore - Do You Remember: Recording Engineer

Oilver Von Essen: Recording & Mix Engineer

Pauli Rantasalm (Rasmus)i: Assistant Engineer

People's Action Party Annual Meetup (2009): Mix Engineer

President's Award for Nurse (2009): Mix Engineer

Prosafe Safety Video (2008): Onsite Sound Recordist

Qatar Airways Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Mediacity Recording Studio: Solid State Logic Duality & Music Production Trainer (2022)

Roger Montejano: Recording Engineer

Savage Tune - Modern D (Live): Mix Engineer

Shawn Kok - De Gregorio Cajon Performance: Recording Engineer

Shawn Kok - Everyone is Brown (Album): Recording Engineer

SingVoice 2021 - Mastering Engineer

Singapore Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

Singapore American School Kids Variety Show DVD production (2008): Recording Engineer

Singtel Roadshow Live (2007-2009): Mix Engineer

Sound Explusion (2007): Recording & Mix Engineer

Soph T. 霏霏 - 路过你的古怪 (2022): Mastering Engineer

Soph T. 霏霏 - 嘟聲後請留戀 EP (2022): Mastering Engineer

Sparkle-Tots Annual Show (2015): Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer

Stand Strong - Self Titled (Album): Recording Engineer

Teashhur Dekan: Recording Engineer

Thai Airways Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs (2008-2012): Mix & Mastering Engineer

There be Wolves EP: Record, Mix, Master

The New Argonauts: Sound Designer, Mix Engineer

The Black Monolith - Self-Title (Album): Recording Engineer

The Great White Lark: Recording & Mix Engineer

The Resolute - Ghosts (Live): Recording & Mix Engineer

The Reckless Skies: Recording & Mix Engineer

Toni Goh's Production: Assistant Engineer

Turkish Airlines Broadcast Music Entertainment Programs: Mix Engineer

Vestige (2007): Recording Engineer

Walter Thompson & Timothy O'Dwyer: Recording Engineer

West Grand Boulevard: Assistant Studio Engineer

Western Union Anniversary Show (2007): Mix Engineer

Withered Tree (2008): Assistant Studio Engineer

QingLun Tan (Dizi Society Singapore) - Wings of Resonance (2022): Recording Engineer

Yamaha Asian Beat (2008): Onsite Sound Recordist

Yokez 葉玉欞 - 分手意義 (2022): Mastering Engineer

Azizam - Don't Let Me Go: Guitarist

Roger Montejano - Tiamatu (2019): Guitarist

EROPS - Walk: Electronics

EROPS - Forward: Electroics

Eugene Ng - Aware (2019): Guitarist

Eugene Ng - Moongazing (2019): Guitarist

Imp Act - Another Life (2020): Guitarist

Imp Act - The Island of Alsocanla (2020): Guitarist

Imp Act - Not Here (2021): Guitarist

Imp Act - Back In Time (2021): Guitarist

Imp Act - Dying Light (2021): Guitarist

Imp Act - New Dawn (2021): Guitarist

KORRITE - Duality: No Input Mixer

KORRITE - The Rite Wave: No Input Mixer

Willie Lyou Youtube Channel Trailer: Guitarist


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